We can design and build your project from the ground up!

Starting a new construction project can be a daunting task, but with a Design & Build firm, we can guide you through the whole process, from concept to completion including budgeting.


Our team of designers, draftsmen, and interior designers can help you plan every aspect of your project, including preliminary designs and schematics, obtaining variances to comply with local zoning restrictions, selecting materials to use for your project, obtaining permits, designing complete 2D architectural plans and elevations as well as 3D renderings, and writing a complete preliminary budget during the initial concept phase. 


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G Design, LLC and G Family, Inc, although separate companies, work together to provide a full suite of Design-Build services.  We undertake everything from complete custom new builds and remodels to smaller jobs such as kitchen & bathrooms. No matter the scope, we handle every job with integrity and superior craftsmanship, all the while focusing on budget and schedule. Our highest priority is providing excellent customer service and ensuring a positive experience from the consultation through the completion of the project.


Together we provide services that can take your project from conception, including space planning, design, interior design, architectural drafting, permit ready plans, 3D walk-through, virtual reality walk-through, obtaining permits, all the way through construction and completion. We are flexible in our approach, and G Design can also provide design-only services and G Family can provide construction-only services to suit your needs.



The first step is to complete a design questionnaire. This gives us an idea of the scope of the project as well as your needs including budget and timeline.
Feel free to send us your inspiration photos or sketches. If you have original plans we can scan them in-office or your can scan a copy for us at ARC Document Solutions
or Kinkos in San Rafael. That way we can get started immediately on your Conceptual Hand Draft.


G Design Vignette
G Design Master Bath
-A free 1-hour on-site consultation-

Before our Introductory Meeting we conduct a Project Assessment. This gives us a good idea about expansion opportunities and includes city required setbacks, zoning information, plot maps, lot coverage and existing floor area. 

Our Contractor, Principle Designer and Associate Designer will visit your job-site to discuss your wants and needs. At this point, we take pictures of the rooms to refer back to later and prioritize the work needed to be accomplished within your given budget.

The meeting will go over our design-build process and provide insight into how we set up our bid proposal. After the first meeting, you will receive a Design-budget breakdown cost for the measure up, conceptual design and for the full design.


We require a scaled floor plan to do our conceptual hand drafts. If you already have one scaled at 1/4” per 1’ then you will not need a measure up. A measure up done by G Design will include a scaled digital floor plan that any Designer or Contractor can use in the future.

The cost breakdown is typically based on the sq. ft. of the home and how many levels it is. For example:

$0.70 per sq ft. - Each Additional floor is $300.00


For Example:
$0.70 x 2,000sq ft. + $300.00 (2 Floors) = $2,000.00


G Design Front Porch
G Design Hand-Draft

The Conceptual Hand-Draft includes a preliminary floor plan based on our joint collaboration with your budget in mind. The follow-up Design Meeting is included in the conceptual fee.


Typical Pricing Breakdown:

House Remodel/Addition Conceptual Fee
-$0.70 per sq. ft. Entire House-
- Each Additional Floor is $300.00


For Example:

(2,000sq.ft. House + 500sq.ft. Addition) x $0.70 + $300 (2 Floors) = $2,350.00


Kitchen/Bath Conceptual Fee

If you only have a kitchen & bath remodel the fee will increase to $1.50 per sq. ft.

For Example:
(Kitchen 150sq.ft. + Bath 50sq.ft.) x $1.50 = $300.00


This meeting reviews the conceptual drawing and helps us learn more about you and define any small details that were not previously discussed. If you would like to see the adjustments
re-drafted before signing contract we charge an hourly fee of $100.00.


At this point we will write a comprehensive budget for the project outlining in detail the scope of each phase of the job. The detailed construction budget will be charged at $100 per page.


Living Room

This meeting will include you, the G Design Team, and the Contractor from G Family, Inc at the G Family Office. During this meeting, we will work together with G Family to walk though the budget and overall process, establish what the expectations are for the finishes and where the flexibility is within the budget.
We will also show you our 3D model walk-through on our CAD program.


There will be two contracts, one for Design from G Design, LLC  and one for Construction from G Family,Inc. Initially we will only sign a design contract even though both the design and build contracts will be presented to you for review.

This allows you to bid out the construction portion to other contractors at the time of design completion. This also allows us to adjust the construction bid if any unforeseen changes are made by the city. We typically remain within 10% of our initial budget.


G Family Construction