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Design: G Design, LLC.

Construction: G Family, Inc.


For this project, G Design and G Family Construction worked together to both design and build the remodel and second story addition. 

Designer David Grabham was able to create a lot of character in the large home, keeping it classic but updating it in way that will remain timeless. To achieve this, they worked closely with the homeowners to plan the space and pick materials that would reflect their vision. The homeowners opted for custom cabinetry and high-end fixtures in every room,  giving each space special attention to detail.

The designers were able to let a lot of light into the 6,000 sq. ft home by adding new transom windows. The large wooden beams give the high ceilings sturdy character and a clean elegance. The white oak hardwood floors were colored by a new process called fuming. The kitchen and dining room open up to the new deck using Fleetwood doors. 

G Family Construction worked meticulously to construct the modern-farmhouse so that it would not only be a beautiful home, but also be a work of art. 


G Family Construction received a 2016 Best of Houzz design badge for the construction of the hallway. 

houzz badges_2016 design.jpg
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