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We believe in giving you a transparent bid that has been meticulously written to show you where your costs are coming from.  To familiarized yourself with the details we but forth, please check out the examples below.  

Design Fee Breakdown also know as the DFB

The first document you will discuss is the DFB. The DFB is broken into two contracts, the preliminary design contract and design contract.  This is a the project cost for all design work. 

Build Estimate 

After you have decided on your design, you will have a preliminary build estimate.  This will help ensure that the design can maintain your budget, 

Allowance Sheet 

You will find allowances in your Build Estimate.  These are items that do not have a fixed cost and can fluctuate in price.  For example, fixtures and appliances. 

Design Contract- Stage 2-4 of the DFB

Gantt Chart
Shows work flow of your project


Learn even more about our bids, take a look at these videos for a detailed explanation of what items you can expect to see on your Design Fee Breakdown. 

Preliminary Design Contract: Stage 1 of the DFB

Design Contract: Stages 2-6 of the DFB

Design Contract: Stage 4-7 of the DFB

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